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Buy this Flash football/Soccer game for your website here where you can pay by PayPal for digital delivery.

Welcome to our website, the home of Flash 4-4-2 Street football. We offer you the chance to buy this fun street soccer game for your website. This game is special because you can embed it into your website page so your visitors can enjoy playing a great game of football. You can buy this game right from this website using PayPal for security. After you purchase you will be sent an email with the download link.

The main features include:

Intro screen screenshot Choose pitch screenshot Name players screenshot Choose Shirt Colour screenshot In-game screenshot

If you decide to buy this football game, you can download the source files from the download link provided.
Files included in the package are:


Flash 4-4-2 Street Football was written in Flash CS4 and uses AS3 and Flash Player 10. There is also a CS3 version provided in the package. You can customise the graphics and sound by editing the relevant movie clips and sound files in the library using a copy of Flash CS3+.

The file size of the game is approx. 4.7mb and there is a preloader built in so that players are aware the game is loading. The resolution of the game is 1000x700.

The fonts are also included within the package.

Football is one of the most popular sports on the planet, so you can be sure that your visitors would appreciate being able to play the game on your website if you decide to purchase. But before you purchase try the demo to sample the game quality.

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